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Elizabeth Suzann Market & Sample Sale

Posted by Kate Weiss on Elizabeth Suzann Market & Sample Sale

Last Sunday was unusually hot for June (we’re getting so many of those these days . . . ) and I had a six-hour drive to Nashville and back from Louisville facing me. The car’s air conditioner worked – for most of the drive down. A friend from Louisville-based textile company Anchal and I had decided to go to our first Elizabeth Suzann sample sale. We’re both decidedly not the kind of women who drive six hours to buy a jumpsuit (or anything for that matter), but that’s the kind of thing cult clothing designer Elizabeth Suzann can get you...

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Finnlen Denim Jacket Part 1: Research

Posted by ML Duncan on

We're excited to announce a denim jacket in the works in addition to the organic cotton T-Shirt we wrote about last week. Kate made herself two denim jackets with the Hampton Jean Jacket pattern. She made her latest version with Japanese Denim and it turned out great.👌 And I got interested in vintage denim last year after reading the book Ametora: How Japan Saved American Style. We reviewed Ametora here. I've been eager to start a big denim project ever since. Our denim jacket will be the first garment produced with a Finnlen label. Like the t-shirt, it's iconic, comfortable workwear....

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Ametora Book Review

Posted by ML Duncan on Ametora Book Review

Ametora: How Japan Saved American Style by W. David Marx. Basic Books. 296 pages. The relationship between Japanese and American fashion Ametora by W. David Marx is a detailed look into the relationship between Japanese and American fashion from the Post-War period on. Marx covers the development of Japanese style from during the transition from war-time scarcity, to post-war economic improvement. Ametora covers the American influences on that style in particular. For sewers, it’s a fascinating look at a number of people with passions for craftsmanship and attention to detail that resulted in influential clothing. It’s a comprehensive look at...

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Finnlen Organic T-Shirt Part 1: Research

Posted by ML Duncan on Finnlen Organic T-Shirt Part 1: Research

We'll be developing a t-shirt pattern in June and we are going to share a lot of that process here on the blog. It will be a collaborative process between Kate and I (Michael), like most of our pattern design and development. Long before we put pencil to paper or shears to fabric we spend a fair amount of time researching the garment; looking for ideas and inspiration. It would be easy and tempting to take a favorite shirt, rip it apart, and get started right now but we're hoping to create a shirt that's classic, comfy, and draws inspiration...

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Sewing Cloth Napkins with Mitered Corners Tutorial

Posted by Kate Weiss on

I certainly don’t use cloth napkins at every meal, but I do love them. We generally have a stack to choose from on the kitchen cart in our tiny eating area at home. Having a cloth napkin on your lap can make even blue box macaroni and cheese feel a bit special and worth sitting down at the kitchen table for. At my house, we mix and match colors and don’t worry too much about everyone getting the same kind and size. I’ve found between 18" and 15 ½" to be the right size, but they aren’t clothes and don’t...

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